Kansas Mod Center's B777-300ERCF milestones on schedule

2023 will be a year of important milestones for the Kansas Mod Center B777 P2F program. The program expects to receive FAA approval for its project certification plan (PSCP). This is significant because the PSCP is the roadmap to achieving FAA certification. The plan contains several hundred pages of detail, and typically takes 12 - 15 months to gain FAA approval and three plus years from the date of filing to certify a freighter conversion. PSCP filings become public record and we think our most recent search of these records position the Kansas Mod Center program favorably when considering the B777 freighter conversion options that are available.

Kansas Mod Center remains on track to deliver converted B777-300ERs in 2024 and is excited to offer a program that delivers a lighter more fuel efficient freighter that flies further and carries more. Above is a sneak peek of the cargo door and what 2023 will bring.