Loaded with innovation

At the heart of the 777-300ERCF is a design that challenges assumptions by placing the main cargo door forward of the wing. KMC’s innovative freighter design delivers fuel, range, cargo-handling and other benefits.

  • Low operating empty weight (OEW)
  • Lower fuel consumption per pound of cargo
  • Higher payload at extended ranges
  • Streamlined path to certification
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Putting a large cargo door aft of the wing requires rear-fuselage modifications that increase empty weight and reduces revenue-generating payload. The KMC 777-300ERCF freighter forward door offers efficiency, along with delivering cargo-handling and other operational benefits.

Weight and range

  • Less structure reinforcements means lighter operating empty weight
  • Lighter operating empty weights lead to more payload and more revenue
  • Generates higher payload revenue on longer routes
  • Does not require modification of aircraft software to accommodate weight

Fewer modifications

  • Requires less structural reinforcement than aft door
  • Smooths path to certification, with fewer implications involving original operating type certificate
Main deck floor structure
Cargo Door Surround

Easier cargo handling

  • Occurs in less-confined forward area vs. between wing and tail
  • Improves cargo door access for left- and right-handed k-loaders
  • Can accommodate 20-foot pallets
  • Has more cargo ramp area for ground-handling equipment, containers
rigid cargo barrier


Hauling freight requires a floor that can withstand the weight and abuse cargo bring. Our engineers decided new aluminum beams and decking were the way to deliver sturdiness.

  • Designed exclusively for cargo
  • Adds durability to withstand the rigor of freight handling
  • Improves integration with the Telair cargo-loading systems
  • Allows 33 cargo positions handling at least 9.6 lbs. per cubic foot each
  • Has ability to carry large jet engines including the GE90 propulsor and fan
  • Include drainage systems to carry live animals – supported by a modified environmental control system
Main deck floor structure
Main deck floor structure


As part of KMC’s P2F conversion, we add a supernumerary cabin and a 9G rigid cargo barrier. Passenger doors and windows are plugged.


  • Aluminum machined structure
  • Sliding doors for cargo compartment access
  • Meets emergency landing requirements
rigid cargo barrier
rigid cargo barrier


  • Crew rest compartment with 2 bunks
  • Vacuum lavatory
  • Galley with options for refrigerator, oven, coffeemaker and hot water maker
  • Two to four business class reclining seats
  • Two optional jump seats
supernumerary cabin